Reviews for "Flying Home"


Over used concept, but still well thought out and animated. I like that you used crows and cactuses instead of standard things like tanks and ships. Also, dodging obstacles like cactuses was quite new, which impressed me.

However, a lack of variation is what would make this harder to keep playing for me, perhaps more than just one weapon upgrade, shields, buyable things, more variance in enemies. All possibilities.

Decent shooter overall.

Not bad in fact i liked it!

Fun, but the shooting noise is bad and maybe you should finde some music that fits better?
Anyway good game!

I like it

I have second score right now but it has some problems :
- the bullets you should avoid are hard to see
- this leads to a quick death for a beginer


It's not to bad...but you should try harder...i can see a future to this

Not that good

I didn't like the graphics either, and it was kinda easy, but I quit b/c I thought there was no end to it, and I died.