Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

Mega man

This was one great Discovery of some interesting ideas and an even better concept as it all plays out, I really like what you do and what you have done here, Sound seemed kind of static-ish but you had some nice visuals with all the sprite action and whatnot, this had a very video game -ish feel so nice efforts there. And thats the end of that one, A good presentation good knowledge of the animation and flash skills wich really payed off and I was pretty impressed with everything presented here so nice effort indeed.

I thought you had a good game here there was some slight fixes and upgrades you can put in, nothing to take away from your flash or the ideas you do have, just that there could be some basic improvments for the better, just a few tips to make things better. so here are a few maybe one or two ideas, to make things somewhat better. Add some quality to the sound as it was kind of statiish.


This is actually very good. In fact, this is how I first heard of the Protomen. And now I wish to make a flash based video of Act II and I, in that order. I would like to ask if I may use your videos (without the credits, if possible) for the two songs; Unrest in the House of Light and The Will of One. Anyways, You did a wonderful job on this. I hope that you respond. I hope to see you soon and maybe even collaborate on this! Maybe sometime we'll drive until the streets run out...then we'll burn until there's nothing left to burn about. (Based off of a quote by Joe)

Eckitron v.K-176

Your rendition of what the musicians where implying was very good. The only problem I have with this is that the credit music completely ruins the mood that was set by the ending of the actual song.

I really enjoyed watching this video....over and....over again. It really shows what the people of
(I think) Earth were going through. How they did not trust the robots (even Protoman). It really follows the song very well and the lip sync using sprites was incredibly well done. Nice job! Also....where is the 8-bit version of the song that plays at the end? I really like that twist that you added. From Modern to classic 8-bit...Nice. Anyways, if I could find that where would it be?

Thanks again for the awesome representation of (what I think) is the best song from the Protomen's album.

Loved every bit of it

I love The Protomen and your video captured the very soul of the song. The way Dr. Light's fragile state was portrayed was perfect as was Megaman's complete disdain for being lied to the entire time. I hope you'll animate more of their songs (I'd really like to see The Stand (Man or Machine)). Also to CodenameX9, Dr. Wily's name is Albert Wily not Joe Wily. Joe is just a man that grew up under the oppressive rule of Wily and his robots. He decided to leave the city and all it held behind him and was in turn hunted down by a green robot with a single red eye which was Dr. Light's original creation. When Dr. Light saved him from the robot, Joe agreed to help destroy Wily's television screens. Joe ends up dying in the explosion and Wily used it as a reason to declare Martial Law. After Joe's death, Dr. Light asks him to tell Emily to wait for him because he still has work to do. Protoman's construction begins soon after.