Reviews for "Steve the Turtle"

Deja Vu?

This reminds me of Hank.


Steve kinda reminded me of this turtle that i found down near the pond and so i brought it back to my house and i ate for a week...... and i had a new pet turtle.

What can I say about steve......

That sir or madam was a great flash!! I thought for a sec when the bunny showed up you were gonna go the route of the tortoise and the hare. But, you fooled me! Like a buch of the others have said, Poor steve. keep up the good work.


short, a bit random, too cliche, keep on going with other flashes

god bless Steve!

He was a good man, may he rest... in... PIECES!!!

didn't see that shit coming, did ya now? :D

Kyaztro responds:

HAHA, you've left me in PIECES