Reviews for "D-Blocks 2"

Brain shrinkler

Really great game, it beated me at level 33 ^^, good work keep it up.

Very fun

Pretty good game, good designed, challenging and fun,
and I also liked the idea of the game.
Great job, I like this.

Challenging and fun

I liked the graphics and the style. I will admit I would like to see instructions for how the game functions. I was forced to do at least five of the puzzles before level 29 twice. I am currently stuck on level 29. I am so close. This game is for anyone who loves brain teasers.


Very clever game. I don't think it needs any "special" blocks as previous reviewers have said. It would take away from some of the puzzle aspect. However, I wish it had a few more sound effects. Subtle ones, perhaps a gentle "swish" sound when you get rid of a row.

Makes the head think

The concept isn't exactly new, but a good game none the less, I only got up to lvl 18, instructions would have been good, and the added "special" blocks thatFinestbamf suggested would be great!