Reviews for "Shooter the game"

good start

It is well made I can't really fault you there but it needs more to it. For example have a timer so you can see how many you get in X amount of time or something like that.

i enjoyed it

It was pretty fast but thats ok, make it have nicer drawings, and it would be amazing


Very primitive...and maybe a bit too fast especially for the first level. But its a game nontheless be proud you made it

A challenging game.

Not the best graphics, although still had a moving background and all that.
Not too hard, but definitely not too easy, took awhile to get the hang out of it, and even then I only got the target a few times.
Music was alright, overall an alright game.

That was awful

No development after a lot of time, you just shoot a silly looking guy for ever. There are a lot of better shooters in this site and I'd prefer them over this.