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Reviews for "Gorilla Warfare"

. . .

That was pretty cool. I was honestly a little bit sceptical before I watched it, but it was very well done. Nice reference to Donkey Kong and you've always gotta love the dramatic opera music

Fucking awsome dude

A little short but that is ok because sometimes short stories are jems this movie is the prime example of NICELY DONE

P.S thanks for the name of that song I never knew it till now.

that... was....

AWESOME! LOL! dk and his crew just got pwned to the max. lol.

O, Fortuna!

Great, and i love how the monkey gets taller and muscular by the end like a secret steroid pack he ate.

HAHAHA 10/10 5/5

Oh man i love this firstly becuz of monkeys and gorillas being fukin awesome and that one monkey that was on crack lol "thug life"