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Reviews for "Gorilla Warfare"

Good thing ya were lazy. XD

No bad meant just a joke cuz without these characters it wouldn't be so funny. X)
The graphics are well made and the animation is smooth so good work and the epic music is perfect for this. XD
Keep up the good work and make more movies with these characters. :D


i agree with uhhh akirashinojo and also try to remove the gorilla at the bach of all gorillas th one doing thumbs up ok thanks


Totally awesome art style, friend, and quite the epic little modern war scene. Now, when I see that chaingun toating monkey, the only thing I can think for him to say is: "Meet my Gun" or "Meet Natasha..." if you've played Team Fortress 2, you should get the reference. If not, look up: "Meet the Heavy" on Youtube and you should get it ^^
Awesome work, friend, and keep it up.


Stupid-Ass Gorillas, they should have known that the monkey will go Rambo on their ass! LOL


kewl, i like your drawings