Reviews for "CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat"

Gas your verse 1 sounds like your still the same volume from your last verse vs Me ahaha; then you adjust in v2. I opened the file to check for clipping and the only one guilty was fatbeats ironically

+ Deicide is the killing of a god. The term deicide was coined in the 17th century from medieval Latin *deicidium, from de-us "god" and -cidium "cutting, killing."

+ 1 fat beats (he uses good words, because English education system is a pube hair better at teaching English than North America; because they pay more for it anyway) And I pronounced spokane like cocaine as well but apparently it is in fact Spo-CAN like spoken? I made the same mistake in an unused take :P

+ Fat Beats 'collabing with the government' line (Josh rapping with the Mayor lol). 'foam sword', 'Sage Francis', 'slay this dragon'.

If this were live I would ask for overtime. so def encore . I chill with English people on skype enough that I actually like the accent and would vote for fatbeats.

But because of the clipping I have too on technicality give too Gasmasq. Even though I think Fatbeats was dope as fuck in this too. Next battle Gas don't come as loud/tinny in v1 that is all ty.

Gas was pretty weak in his first verse, but he came back hard in his second verse. Fat Beats was a lot more consistent in his verses, but neither were as good on a one-verse comparison to that 3rd verse. I'm going to give Fat Beats the nod on lyrical content and delivery, but Gas had the better mic presence.

All in all, it's a draw. I think, though, if I had to vote for one person, it would be Fat Beats. He hit both verses hard, and he really came to fight.

gasmasq has my vote

Thanks for all the reviews gentlemen.
Oh how my jimmies were rustled.

A lot of people seem to be picking up on the rage in the second verse, but honestly, I was utterly hammered when I recorded that so I think I may have got a bit too into it. Having said that, I think I pulled it off quite well considering.

I was gonna do a long review detailing certain punches etc but voting time is pretty much over so fuck it.
I came into this pretty much expecting a loss, I mean, let's face it, I have a lot less battle experience than ol' Gassy. I did what I could though.

Congrats Gas (for real this time, not sarcastic).

The Fattest of Beats

Gas had better flows. Fat beats was good, just wasn't prepared for this.