Reviews for "CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat"

Gasmasq: Nice set ups and knock downs from first verse to 2nd; interesting take on a flash diss. Decent shots at quality. Clarity was good, delivery was entertaining and flow was steady. Dropping the second verse immediately after FB's 1st was a good move. The second verse wasn't too good; the flips were shallow and the shots weren't as seamless and combo as the first verse ("free, should be cheaper " was great though).

Fatbeats: Direct and precise shots, "last opponent you smashed was Shmorg" made me laugh irl. Really wish he would've spit his second in the gap afters Gas's verse. The first verse was a bit unenthusiastic at the beginning of it, but after that it was fire till the end. Some of the dubs were a bit too much. The ending was godly. The flow is quite ecstatic with nice energy, but it could use more control and practice.

I give Gasmasq points for flow, continuity between his verses and delivery, Fatbeats gets points for lyrics, rebuttals, presence and energy. I gotta give this one to Fatbeats; each of his verses were filled with flips and numerous shots. Gas's verses were full of great offence but shitty defence (eg. doesnt matter if Gas doesnt likes those faggots, he can still sound like em) Fatbeats mispronounced Gas's city without being called on the dumb dumb... Gasmasq sounded much more polished and defined, Fatbeats sounded gritty and hungry--- his direct lyrics give him the edge for me, Fatbeats to advance.

Holy sh*t!!!! This is f*cking hardcore sh*t!! I love this man!! Both rappers are great.. But I'll go with Gasmasq...

I vote Gasmasq. A little bit better in every category in my opinion. Good battle nonetheless!