Reviews for "CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat"

I think Fat Beats is receiving a lot of unfounded criticism due to his accent, but he actually came with the better punches in this battle. The flip Fat commented on Gas complaining about EQ, and then Fat was like "your second verse was a whisper, your first my speakers nearly blew" was hilarious and quite true.

Also people asking about what 'cide' he commited. Deicide, as in killing a God. That's actually a good line.

Gasmasq came in arrogant like he always does since he has enough dickriders to float him to the next round, but it was really a poor showing. Sure his flow was better, but why do people care about that when there's hardly any substance. I'll take a mediocre flow with tons of substance over a good flow with little substance any day.

My vote would go to Fat Beats. Sorry dude you got screwed because people don't like accents :(.


Gasmasq verse 1:
(+)(+)Beats aren't fat.
(+)More time for stick flashes.
3 Points

Fat Beats verse 1:
(+)Bash you with your own foam sword.
(+)Instead of LARPing.
(+)Put on your cloak.
3 Points

Gasmasq verse 2:
(+)Good flow.
(+)Obviously not that important.
(+)Whipped line.
3 Points

Fat Beats verse 2:
(+)Sent your verses on SoundCloud.
(+)Smorgishmorg line.
2 Points

Gasmasq: 6 Points
Fat Beats: 5 Points

My vote goes to Gasmasq.

Overall, I couldn't understand Fat Beats that well through a lot of his lyrics because of his microphone, accent, and the fact that he just wasn't flowing through the beat. He was on-beat and he had more multies than I bet anybody else will notice, yes, but he wasn't flowing with it. I heard a few good lines from Gasmasq, but his flow is really what put him over the top here.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

Vote goes to:


Cool flow bruh

Gasmasq easily.
Fat beats needs to work on delivery.

verse 1 - Pretty good.
verse 2 - Does propane work like that?
verse 3 - Ingredients instead of cooking instructions, get inspired!
verse 4 - More ingredients, he whisper, watcide?

Vote goes to Gasmasq.