Reviews for "CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat"

Seems you can always tell who's losing when they get loud, unintelligible, or overcompensate in their second verse. Gas to advance.

Fat Beats. He's really improved into a good rapper and I was feeling his verses in this, especially the last one. I feel like he's a lot more passionate in his delivery too.

And also it bothers me when people say "hari-kari"... that's not the word.

Fierce battle and a close one.

Overall Gas' flow was tighter and his attacks were more numerous. There were clever exchnages on both sides but for overall quality i give it to Gas

gasmasq has my vote

Giving this to Gasmasq, although I feel like he could have done better. I mean bro, most of your old stuff is muchh better.

Fat Beats's accent really threw me off, and I really couldn't stand to listen to it enough times to understand some of his punches. I do not believe Brits should rap. It's very hard on the ears.