Reviews for "Simple Truths"

I'm impressed.

I watch this and gather that there is a greater meaning in the universe. Namely, that through the power of cooperation, and great coordination, your flash has reached the top 50 of all time. Hats off to you. The music is trapped in my mind and it has not left, I'm listening to it now. I will vote 5 for your flash several times in the future, for I think this experiment is a worthy endeavor. To your future successes and to the many surprises I expect to be borne out of your genius. I'll second the other dude- it was weird, cool, and every shade in between. All sorts of awesome. That I've invested these last few minutes typing up this review just indicates how worthy I think your flash is. In addition, I must note that preloaders are an unnecessary addition to artwork. True art needs no introduction- it simply is. Keep up the great work, and may your other flashes also receive such acclaim.

Smidly responds:

Yes sir! I'll perhaps not have a preloaded in the next one.

01/20/2009 1,424 votes 4,311 views

How many times you voted for yourself ?

Smidly responds:



Well .. This flash surely does not deserve top 50.

Smidly responds:


wht the fuck

its shit and dont tell me 2 give u a reason cause if u cant c it then u dont deserve to c at all

Smidly responds:

If you can't spell then you don't deserve to type reviews at all


It was weird but cool at the same time i don't know....

Smidly responds:

I need you forever
Is this love?