Reviews for "Simple Truths"


i like the toon a little.(i mean alot).
8 stars.

Smidly responds:

Thank you :)


what goes round comes round

Smidly responds:

You have to realize something, Skullfucker. I left an honest and informative review of your shit. Atleast try to SAY how my movie is shitty.

It had its moments

This wasn't terrible, but it needed a lot to improve on. I thought the transition effects were pretty nice, and I liked that Team Fortress 2 dude at the end (forgot his name). The music was okay. I thought that "Kenneth" was some opponent of Barrack Obama, but I guess he's an associate of yours who may have passed away? If so, I'm sorry for the loss of this Kenneth person, as he may have been important in your life. It just needed more action.

Smidly responds:

I appreciate your review and will refrain from mentioning genitalia


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! AHAHAHAA not funny one bit....

Smidly responds:

You're just angry because you're a furfag, and can't animate.

An amazing story,

Grasping visuals, and rapingly good audio. Plus I'm in it so it has to be good.

Smidly responds:

Hell yea, it took me like 12 hours of staring through your window to get that drawing done.