Reviews for "-Grid-"


awesome game

Great! :D

Awsome game and a great challenge :D
woot 4694 score :D


The Reason i gave you a 9/10 is because you forgot to put the ability to silence the music and sounds. but you know w/e it's just a small detail. Anyways, this game is absolutely amazing i solved every problem but boy were they hard!


this game is cool

great idea!
temporary kinda hard to solve
but still fun!
good job

Very, very good

Simple, neat, and very, very fun.

It is challenging, well thought-out, and quite addictive.

Built on simple, easy-to-understand rules and principles, there is no steep learning curve to overcome, and the score system eliminates frustration. If you're good, you get a really high score. If you're not, you still get a minimum score for each grid solved.

And, like the best of puzzlers, every level can be solved with enough thought put into it.

Very well done. Thanks for a great game.