Reviews for "-Grid-"

Awesome stuff!

Awesome! took me 3 hours to get to lvl 28 where i finaly found it to be a bit beyond me, but up until then it was fun and chalnging =D


Ok il be honest with you, The transition between levels is WAYY too damn slow.
It's a good game, 10 for originality but the transition makes it annoying to play


That remember me, a olding game: Deadalus. After the crash on the alien ship! Good idea to make him like a game ;)

Weak engine

Very nice game, although it was a concept already known to me, I had fun. The only thing that really annoyed the hell out of me was that it kept setting the quality to high. And my pc can only handle low and normal, which caused the game to react slow. EXTREMELY ANNOYING, FIX THIS.

Too slow

Your level transitions take way too long. I don't want to wait 20 seconds for a level that took me 5 seconds to complete. A simple fix for this might actually make it worth playing.