Reviews for "-Grid-"

Very puzzling

The last puzzle gave me so much trouble I didn't get any bonus for it, but the others seemed to want to be solved much easier. The puzzle designs on many were pattern-based, making an intuitive understanding of the puzzle posible and lending the player a warm feeling of intelligence. The levels have a natural feel to them, progressing smoothly without many drastic leaps of difficulty. Complicated enough to provide challenge, but not so impossible that the player becomes too frustrated.


One of my favorite puzzles of all time.
Very challenging at later levels, really takes a lot of thinking to get through even the easy ones.
I'd love to see a sequel.


Best game ever, Ive wasted hours upon hours of my life on it and i dont regret it.

great game...

very challenging... i just dont like how long it takes to move on to the next lvl... especially for the later lvls when you are gettin ga lot of points per lvl

ZZZoro has the best icon


Harder than I thought it would be. Great game.