Reviews for "-Grid-"

you make mongo's brain hurt.

Mongo get all excitd after solving first 4 puzzles...then him get hit over head with dumb stick, Gonna go play a shooter now. Us dum heads need nap.

Oh Wow

This game is AMAZING! I rarely play puzzles, but this one kept my brain chugging all the way down to level 30. I think it's a bit dumb that you have to change sites to play the 'bonus levels', but nevertheless, it's a fantastic concept. After the comments others have made, I feel privileged to have made it through to the end :D.

Awesome work, man.


this was a great game and different then then any water pipes because i'm always looking for a challenge and this right here is one. It is simple in a hard way but excellent game 10/10 and 5/5. Make another set of puzzles.

addicting challenging and fun

this was a great game its challenging and a great concept good job

Awesome.....challenging and a great time killer!!

I thought it was great. I put my own music on but the game itself is challenging and fun.