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Reviews for "Clayness Pt. 1"


This is so brilliantly put together. You have talent my friend.

The beginning has a nice feel to it and the into music makes it such a beautiful intro. I don't really see any flaws in it, other than it dragging on a bit.

Great sketches. Keep up the good work bro.

Haven't seen the movie yet

but if you managed to reduce size from 1,250 MB to 9.9 MB you must be a wizard.

PM me how you managed it!!

An excellent beginning

I loved the play on two and three dimensions. Both drawings and claymations were fluid and lips syncs were prime. Nice work.

Well worth your time... and ours.

Your claymation rivals the old Wallace and Gromit skits, and certainly surpasses Mr Bill. Your animation is basic but obviously emphasizes the point of the protagonist. The fact that you drew all the scenes by hand, and did all the claymation also is quite impressive, and incredibly refreshing in the digital age. (Of which I'm guilty of using as a crutch.) As for a little critique, I agree about the voice acting, in some instances it comes off as being "read" instead of "felt," think theater, add emphasis. Also, the pacing as some spots could use a pick up, but that can be worked through cuts, in some places, less then .5 a second. As for the drop in quality, well, thats an unfortunate side effect of compression, but it still looks pretty good, so no worries. I hope you kept copies of the larger file though, for a finished DVD... I would buy it. Good luck with the second and third parts. Gorgeous work, and portfolio worthy for sure. 5/5 and 10/10

amazing, not to be missed!

I thought this was just amazing and it is hard to believe that you did this without computer assistance!! Wow!