Reviews for "it's a unix system!"

Perhaps it's because I've never been able to do it myself, but I highly respect artists who can pull off a good chiptune, especially one with such character as this. Great work.

Oh, god. The breakdown at the end was just perfect.

tilman responds:

MAN! i know what you mean. it's funny though, since i actually
thought, that this song didn't feel authentic at all!
glad you think otherwise :D

thanks for leaving a review!

As SolerEclipse said, the instant I heard this song, I pictured in my head this scene where the main character going back to all the places in the game he had visited before and meeting up with familiar characters, without any dialogue. And then the ending plays, the character looks at the player, and then the screen fades out.

Much like the ending of Ocarina of Time, almost. I love this song, but I just don't think this is menu-esque at all. You've got a hand for this kind of thing. Keep it up. :D

tilman responds:

thanks dude :D
now that you're mentioning it, i keep thinking back
to the ending of "kirby's dreamland" for gameboy! :D

or the ending of the second installment
(http://youtu.be/ju9ErWj9gAY) where you actually get
to see the enemies you encountered throughout
the game one last time :D

thanks for taking the time to say such nice things :3
glad you like it!

Haha! I just now found out you uploaded this. How many people did I get to harass you about uploading the music file?

tilman responds:

not enough :D

Loving this mate

tilman responds:

love u mate!

Love it all the way though. the late part of the song is awsome!

tilman responds:

\ (°o°) / WEEEE!