Reviews for "it's a unix system!"

Love this song so much man, has a really happy, nostalgic feel to it. Just great!

tilman responds:

WHADDUP DOG! so great to hear from you again :)
makes me all jolly to know you like my song!

fun (and honest to god real) fact:
i catch myself singing the "moisture care" song
almost ever single day! incredibly infectious! :D

I love the soulful feel of this tune. I wanna listen to it again.

tilman responds:

wow!! thanks dude!
i'm a big fan of yours, so whenever you're
in need of soulful tunes, that are worth listening
to more than once, let me know! :D

best one i ever heard bravo! it sounds like 8 bit! i love it so much!

tilman responds:

thank you very very much!

I REALLY like this! So cute and jazzy, it's perfect! I like how you made it sounds so clean and full while still keeping that old raw 8-bit element. nice work man!

tilman responds:

why thank you sir! :D
i've listened to your songs as well and they are
extremely intoxicating! they all have a certain feel to em,
that even the ones not labeled as "video game song[s]"
sound like they would fit perfectly for specific types
of games.

so keep up the great work yourself :D
and thanks for leaving a review!

I could listen to this forever. It's so nice and wonderful. I'm glad I'm digging around newgrounds right now.

tilman responds:

i'm very glad you're taking the time to write reviews while u're at it :D
i always enjoy reading nice comments, so thank you!