Reviews for "it's a unix system!"

I could listen to this forever. It's so nice and wonderful. I'm glad I'm digging around newgrounds right now.

tilman responds:

i'm very glad you're taking the time to write reviews while u're at it :D
i always enjoy reading nice comments, so thank you!

Wonderful upbeat tune. Loved every second of it. Well done!

tilman responds:

i love how people still stumble upon this track and
are not too shy to leave a nice review :D

thanks for listening!

Seriously dude that's awesome ! Can I use it as a background music for my Youtube channel it totaly makes it ! ^^ thanks for answer me if I can or not ^^

tilman responds:

sure you can! :D
as long as you credit and keep it non-commercial,
everything will be fine! just send me a link so i can
enjoy your work as well : )

thanks for reviewing :3

This is just so cheerful.Submissions like this make me love Newgrounds! Thanks a lot!

tilman responds:

reviews like this make me love newgrounds :)

(i should really stop answering to reviews by just repeating
what has been said, but it just fits so perfectly sometimes! :D)

thanks for taking the time to write some' nice!

Love it all the way though. the late part of the song is awsome!

tilman responds:

\ (°o°) / WEEEE!