Reviews for "it's a unix system!"

IM so glad you this! :D thanks for replying too!

tilman responds:

nientos problemos amigos! :D
(i don't speak spanish. you can hardly tell!)

As SolerEclipse said, the instant I heard this song, I pictured in my head this scene where the main character going back to all the places in the game he had visited before and meeting up with familiar characters, without any dialogue. And then the ending plays, the character looks at the player, and then the screen fades out.

Much like the ending of Ocarina of Time, almost. I love this song, but I just don't think this is menu-esque at all. You've got a hand for this kind of thing. Keep it up. :D

tilman responds:

thanks dude :D
now that you're mentioning it, i keep thinking back
to the ending of "kirby's dreamland" for gameboy! :D

or the ending of the second installment
(http://youtu.be/ju9ErWj9gAY) where you actually get
to see the enemies you encountered throughout
the game one last time :D

thanks for taking the time to say such nice things :3
glad you like it!

best one i ever heard bravo! it sounds like 8 bit! i love it so much!

tilman responds:

thank you very very much!

I love the soulful feel of this tune. I wanna listen to it again.

tilman responds:

wow!! thanks dude!
i'm a big fan of yours, so whenever you're
in need of soulful tunes, that are worth listening
to more than once, let me know! :D

Love this song so much man, has a really happy, nostalgic feel to it. Just great!

tilman responds:

WHADDUP DOG! so great to hear from you again :)
makes me all jolly to know you like my song!

fun (and honest to god real) fact:
i catch myself singing the "moisture care" song
almost ever single day! incredibly infectious! :D