Reviews for "it's a unix system!"

Loving this mate

tilman responds:

love u mate!

lovely, always enjoy your work. Some really clever harmonies here...I'll be a fan forever ;)

Write some more music...!! haha

tilman responds:

i wish i had the time! : )

I REALLY like this! So cute and jazzy, it's perfect! I like how you made it sounds so clean and full while still keeping that old raw 8-bit element. nice work man!

tilman responds:

why thank you sir! :D
i've listened to your songs as well and they are
extremely intoxicating! they all have a certain feel to em,
that even the ones not labeled as "video game song[s]"
sound like they would fit perfectly for specific types
of games.

so keep up the great work yourself :D
and thanks for leaving a review!

I would love you forever if you made more music in this style. I would make a game FOCUSED on this song.

(I've been listening to this on repeat for three hours, and I'm still going.)

tilman responds:

thanks dude!

i've listened to your tracks as well and i like em all,
espacially the "8bit Battle Theme #2"! :D
keep it coming!

Haha! I just now found out you uploaded this. How many people did I get to harass you about uploading the music file?

tilman responds:

not enough :D