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Reviews for "Dave"


something is amiss. the animation is relatively dull , and i can't say that the voice acting or plot really makes up for it. you could nix the animation all together and still know what's going on. this isn't good.

i think it would be nice if dave was more. . . what's the word?. . . animated. i don't really care about the customer, but i want to see dave get upset. slam his head against the counter, slap himself in the face, stab himself to get out of work. anything. make his distress visually entertaining, because watching him sit there and think is pretty boring.

plot wise. . . i knew he was going to fuck up that guy's food. try throwing in a kitten. it's adorable as well as inconvenient. something less predictable.

Khris responds:

i honestly, thank you for your response, i agree with some of the things that you said, and if i do make a sequal, i will get right down on the distress

good animation

voice acting was a bit. . . well ii thought it could use some work, like it was a really good cartoon! but if i would change anything it would be the voice acting, and when his eye was twitching, that looked kinda weak. keep 'em commin tho!


Overall, great job!!! I'm not a big fan of shape people (circuler heads, box figure, ect.) however you made it work!
It was a lil slow but it added to the overall effect... the nerdy guy was even begining to piss me off ><
Well done



I foaken lol'd very huard!!! ^_^


nice graphics