Reviews for "Plupp The Game"


A nice concept but games like this have already been done. I liked your approach to it but it does need some improvements. One of your levels i found quite literally impossible.

good work

pretty sweet
the only problem is that this game has been done, and redone, over and over again.
You need a new angle, something that makes the game more original, or at least interesting. You had a cool idea with the spinning blade, but the rest of the game is completely unoriginal.
Other than that, great work, keep it up!

It was okay...

Some of the levels whitout that crappy spinig thing was good. Have you tryed completing this game you self? Becus i think the level whit alot of thoes spining things is imposeble!
Else good game!
Also get a picture for the game!
Not having a picture shows that you didn't put a lot efort in the game, and it makes peple not playing the game, they think look there is a game whitout picture it must shure be bad. And it's easy to get a picture! Just take a picture in-game or of one of the "moving things"


Quite nice, but you need to improve it a little, the whole idea is nice, but the game itself need some improvements!