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Reviews for "-Electroman adventures-"

good one, catchy and as you know to do it, and nicely loopable, didn't noticed until the 3rd time

A New Challenger!

Electroman enters the fight!
Electroman: This'll be a SHOCK!

Random fight & evading taunts:
"C'mon keep up!"
"What's wrong?"
"Skipped your breakfast?"

Hyper Move Taunt:
"Time to go Bizzay!"
"Lobotomy is in session!!"
"1.21 Gigawatts coming up!"

Victory taunt:
"What? Too fast for you?"
"Pika-chew on that, slowass."

This song is amazing. My favorite by you so far.
Great build, tension, climax, chorus, and melody. Very fitting for a theme or a battle scene. Everything is perfect, haha. I can not stop listening to it.

Should we crown you right now?
Or should we wait a little bit for some competition to show up?

The Aaroca Cookie of Approval deems this song; Worthy.

so epic man keep it up this could be a theme in megaman or music to an epic battle.