Reviews for "HOSUE [sic]"


I'm a HUGE House fan. My favorite tv character ever. And this movie really made me smile. First off you did a nice job drawing House and Wilson. Also, while I'm on the art, I definitely feel some Ren and Stimpy animations style going on here.

Not only that but the whole demeanor of the movie was Ren and Stimpy-esque. Fucking amazing in all way man. I love the dance break. Your choice of song was simply epic. By all things holy I say this is my favorite flash I've ever seen! CHEERS!


P.S. - You need to make a series of this man. Your own little House series!

TmsT responds:

I love those disturbing Ren & Stimpy moments when they're just being intense without saying anything or doing much. :)

P.S. There's a hidden bonus scene (look for easter eggs at the end!) for the Hugh Laurie fans...




Great movie! Was the Ligeti music taken from the "2001 - a space odyssee" soundtrack or am I´m wrong? :3

TmsT responds:

It was indeed! You win an internets. B-)

I LOL'd at the ending

ROFL, Our house... Is in the middle of our street!


I was not expecting ANY of that!!!!