Reviews for "HOSUE [sic]"


Another good entry here, it was pretty interesting and there was some interesting visuals and some ok content, I thought there was some initial things that could have been better with some more detail, I suppose there is alot that could be made better, but overall I enjoyed it, but anyways you have some good Material here hope the rest of your endeavors prove to be as good. Your "PLAY" Button was amazing I dont think I have every seen anything like thatm the art and your detail for characters is awsome, this had some good random factor aswell, The "DANCING" at the end was great, all around good animation. So lets expand ideas and direction and see the possibilities that they can bring up, Maybe even turn up some new results, But anyways good stuff and hope to see more from you soon.

I thought this was notbad of a flash could use more here and there, it was intersting and does lack that extra effort just on little things here and there and I have suggested some advice on some of those things throughout the review so take your time and try some of them, other then that this was pretty good. So keep at it and always look for ways to improve on things. I could see you making more of these based around "HOUSE" maybe shorter clips likeish, anyways nice job.


oh my god. Lmao this is just...Idk its too funny to describe


Greatest cane related injury ever, 10/10




He didnt die of lupus! he got hit by the cane xD