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Reviews for "Mario Sunshine AGDQ 2017"

Wow amazing

I have to say this was pretty amazing the splash was awasome the color on that splash you should ad more of a sparkle on that splash kind of like a glistering shine but the characters work is amazing the background is even decent love the texture in this one I love this piece it is a vibrant piece of artistic style anyways keep up the good work

Some shine or sparkle on the splash


SandraDRivas responds:

YO, sorry I got this late. But yes I agree! I was so focused on the color values that I ended up restricting myself. It would've been a nice touch for sure

Hell yeah. Captures mario and his badassness. Great art work

its a me dab on dem haters

wow nice :)

Incredible quality of a familiar pair of characters from an old gamecube game.
This is a duel you wished you had in the game...
Uniquely, this is of a slightly different style than normal for Mario... but very nicely applied.
Good coloring, good shading, good details, but Mario's eyes and eyebrows are a bit oddly applied.
Overall, along the lines of practically perfect.