Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"


You inspire me a lot. I like drawing style is neat, crisp, clean, and refreshing! What is this suppose to be exactly though? Future projects you might work on? If it is I would like to see the scene when the dude with the brown gloves was kicking some butt!

Jeinu responds:

that was a girl


it is a demo reel; so each of these is a bit from the past, the future, and the present. some things are already in my current submissions, others are bits of collab waiting to be released, and some are just bits of practice or dropped projects.

Very well done

I have barely seen any animations equal to this level of skill. Nice work and keep it up :P

my goodness

That was fantastic. many examples of skillful artwork and animation.

Oh man dude

That's some quality stuff right there. Great work.


they were all basically sweet