Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"

in sequence.

next should be 10... also. rocked!

Jeinu responds:

oops 2011

I love your art

I just love your art so much!


THis is exellent !
I like the different drawing styles you showed
And it was well synchronized with the music

Simply Talented...

That Demo Reel was pretty sweet. there's not many people I know that have that many art styles besides myself. Sadly I'm just getting into Flash and CS4... I mean I dabble a little but... I've been working on Maya for some time now and I thought...since I'm such a good artist why not get into Cartooning too. Then I saw your work... you have a very impressive demo reel and I know your probably constantly busy but, someday I would like to do a mini cartoon series with you If that's not a problem. I should be uploading some of my work soon so... tell me what you think about it... and PLEASE! keep up the good work. :P 10.

Great demo reel

I'm a huge fan of demo reels, and this had pretty much everything you could ask for in one! The random scenes showing off your work through the past year is simply a cool idea in itself, not to mention the catchy music.