Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"


cool bra keep up tha game.make more vids

THAT WAS awSome but 1 thing

i dont get it

I like it

Is that an old piece of music? If not, that crackling sound you hear during the video is caused by one of your volume controls being too high. Sometimes when the master track is set too low, you end up raising one of the volume switches too high in trying to fix it. That is likely the cause of this sound. Just so you know.

Jeinu responds:

actually, the music artist FPM just likes adding a scratch track to his music because he likes the sound or something

however that is an interesting bit of trivia i shall remember it if i am ever on jeopardy


dont get mr wrong i like random but i like random that makes sense you know something that is lnked other then that it was great

Excellent !

A lot of random things in one flash thats very cool . =D Your flash also has some very sick animations .

Good job .