Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"

Hello! ^o^

Heehee that was so awsome! ^o^

awesome but

loads forever

just wow

You're amazing. I can't help but feel abit envious.

I hope to someday overpass you. >://

Jeinu responds:

i shall look forward to the day !

Fantastic. :)

You have a remarkable range of skills, I'm quite impressed!

I also agree with the reviewer who wrote the VERY LONG review. (Yes, I read it. lol.)

But I can see this being a teaser-trailer for a series or something. Alot of it seemed to coincide quite nicely.

And my favourites would have to be the part with the lightning (very proffessional) and the ending. The ending style was so minimalist, but very fluid and beautiful. I really hope you work more with it in the future! :)

Jeinu responds:

thanks! you can check out that ending bit in a collab called "In My Arms Collab", which was recently released. As for the lightning (uh, well there's 2 with lightning)... the scientist one is from a time trial (also completed, check userpage) and the one with the witch hasn't been released yet.

I plan on redo-ing it come october though ;)

Wow, great animation

Animation was excelent, you have some great skills animating with proportion and stuff, really liked it!
Some parts were specially awesome, like the one with the witch throwing thunders, the giant pumpkin and the girl with the bow :D