Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"

my goodness

That was fantastic. many examples of skillful artwork and animation.

Yer sure an artist. :D

Great job, like these animations so far. :D Smooth and nicely done. Hope to see a real flash from these. :)


Need I say more, my good sir you have something that I don't. NONSENSITY> :3


it was great animation but it made no freakin sense

Make me believe your characters ar real.

as an animation student I can see that alot of work has gone into this. But as far as the movement is concerned "the key points of animation" its not fluid enough to land you a good job as an animator. as an illustrator you kick ass, but your movement seems to be the same way in alot of your scenes... start off, and then ending in the last pose without any indication of slowing down. They just STOP suddenly. I did enjoy your showreel and you've got some skill up your sleeve, I'd like to see more but there is definitly room for improvement.

whether you've seen it or not, give the movie "The Iron Giant" a watch. Brad Bird knows how to animate like a god in man shoes. theres some good inspiriational scenes in there for an animator.

Jeinu responds:

thanks for the detailed response! I'll try to work on the continuous fluidity of my characters for next time (eh, not really sure the real term for it, haha).