Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"

Great demo reel

I'm a huge fan of demo reels, and this had pretty much everything you could ask for in one! The random scenes showing off your work through the past year is simply a cool idea in itself, not to mention the catchy music.


Wonderful! I love demo reels, just to see awesome compostions like this! :D
Well done, the animation was beautiful and breath taking, my demo reel is crap next to this lol <3


Great choice in audio.
Fantastic style.
I really like how you synced it up!

Im great thanks for asking

fabulous my friend
if im ur friend

of course you dont ahve to be


Jeinu responds:

i think you're the first one to actually answer my question

thanks for reading the author's comments yo


You probably have the biggest variety of art styles of anyone I've ever seen.