Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"


Looks pretty good! I love that sketched kind of guy that pulls hes arms up and a lot of birds fly out...
Can't to see all of your upcoming animations!

ho yhea

handmade. I like this kind of animation, has good prospects, as well as the movements of each character are very thin, i like that congratulations dude

Oh man dude

That's some quality stuff right there. Great work.

SO COOL THAT MY EYEs popped!!! :D

i would give this a 10 coz of the drawings its nice the way everyone moves was nice :D and it looks like you hamad it your self? and how long did it take to create this flash movie? coz its just so cool!!! :D


that should be -10 but i liked it...specially the emo and the crazy girl part...so funny...