Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"


Nice smerging of the toons!!!! Good idea, you've made some really great stuff and you showed it all of in a mashed-up-funny-song-to-go-with-it kinda way :3


hey nice animation pics

you did good the moviments and the draw quality are very nice,kep it up =)

ps:why the hell pll coment with a low grade without even read the author comments lol (thats for the guy some posts down and for some other pll)

Jeinu responds:

author's comments

no one reads author's comments anymore



Wow! this was Fantastic Great Job!

Demo Reel 2009

Looks like you put a lot of work into this. It shows. Good job.

awesome work man

10/10 5/5 its all expertly done especially the birds at the end. and people saying crap like " I Don't Get It" are retarded There is nothing to GET. this is just a little hub of HIS best work all in one place. as it states in the authors comments .geez