Reviews for "Demo Reel 2009"

that was very good

excellent animation


its the best and funny


I am amazed at your animation expertise. I love your style.

It was a little wobbly in places (characters aren't drawn in exact position in certain frames, causing them to 'wobble' or shake), but it was excellent nonetheless.

I'd love to see a large project from you, and see you improve even more :)

yeah, you deserve it...

Really, I mean, come on; don't be so modest. It really is great! You really have good talent there, and I think you should keep doing more, and make a good career out of this!

Terrific job! It can even be taken as a sort of form of "art" in itself, as it is, in video form. Plus the music just adds to it. It almost represents your own profile, or portfolio, if you will, of flash videos. XP

Jeinu responds:

well it is a demo reel so i was hoping it would represent me in some sort of way !


It looked amazing and the music was near perfect. Great Job