Reviews for "DBZ Vegetto vs Buu"

okay but not the greatest

The effects were amazing including the blast and the ki aura's. What I feel brings this movie down is how slow the attacks are. It definately doesn't have that DBZ swiftness and power. Every attack took 2 mins too do and it seemed tedious (at least for DBZ) Also the charging up seemed to take waaaaaay too long. I know that's how it is in the series but for a flash it really doesn't need to. that's all really.

OLD293 responds:

Wow...I didn't realize this was that bad. Compared to my other recent vids this is a big low for me...I don't even feel like responding to reviews. It almost takes me out of spriting completely but I guess it's just something to learn from.

The slow thing definitely won't be a problem in my future series, can't have scores this low...

I alwasy loved DBZ

When i was a child i loved dbz now mi am 20 and i steel love dbz <the uncut version : P> enywayz this movie was good but it culd be better you culd put more effort to it this is vegetto vs kid buu! A rly serious fight

Pretty good

The movie's pretty good. Would have been better if it had a plot.