Reviews for "DBZ Vegetto vs Buu"


its ok i saw a few things that didnt follow dragon ball z thats it


Awesome just awesome. Ima big fan of db and this is certainly worth 10/10

This was pretty great!

This movie is among one of the best Sprite Flashes i've seen. Your animations were smooth and it was easy to keep up with. Only complaint I see is the final scene. It took a bit long to charge up (It seemed like it because one flash of lightning every 10 seonds. MAybe make them appear a bit faster?) And the ending blast could have been longer. (Maybe have them collide and them battling for the final attack?)

The effects were really great, and this is a great movie. (Dunno why people are voting so low...)

9/10 and a 5/5 =D I hope to see more like this in the future =P

Current Score
3.05 / 5.00 (+ 0.025)

It didn't need a plot people, he wanted to do a fight scene. He said it in the Author Comments. Don't take off points for what he didn'twant to include.

It's a random battle for a reason =P

OLD293 responds:

Thank you for a constructive and spirit lifting review, that kinda made me happy lol. Your right about the lightning and ending blast part...the lightning power up was a first for me as I've never done intense power up scenes, so I'm a little newbish at that.

I agree the ending could of been better, but it's harder than it looks making these things...especially with limited resources.

Thx for understanding the no plot thing as well, this will be my last random battle though so that shouldn't be why ppl vote low from now on =).

Lol fun watching

I love sprite flashes.

I love dbz.

put em both together and u has a great flash

OLD293 responds:

Thats not what the score says =(. I can do way better obviously...and to any fans I do have that enjoy my work I'm sorry that I didn't bring better quality flash work.

Well done

Animation was great and your use of the sprites was awesome, anyway, it would be nice if you just added a little storyline at the beggining and end