Reviews for "DBZ Vegetto vs Buu"

omfg he taunted him!!!! xD

i cant believe he did that lmao xD

couldnt stop lol x*D

Tight! By the way, it's Vegito.

Great action, effects, and music, but one problem. The voices. If those were the Japanese voices, I believe the American ones are much, much, much better! No offense. Get rid of those (or replace with American voices) and you got a perfect fight!

OLD293 responds:

I couldn't find any to use. I've been getting use to the Jap voices anyway...the american ones are deepers and everything but the Jap have more talking effect when they do the moves, just because they say more when they talk making the moves more effective.


This was awesome, and not just cause i'm a DBZ fan.
I thought it was well put together!
Voted 5

Not Bad!

Not perfect, but this was fun to watch. I for one LIKE random sprite fights, so I say keep it up man!

Never Heard of a Vegetto lol

It's actually Vegita (Vegeta) but whatever. Awesome flash nontheless.

OLD293 responds:

If anything it's "Vegito" (Goku and Vegeta fused together), not just Vegeta separately. I've seen different spellings of it so I just went with that one.