Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

Great work!

Very good graphics, I really like those alternative cartoon styles!


Great,..i liked it ,..keep it up

and then there's more!

I'm serious, how have I not known about this series? Have I been living under a rock? These things are magical! You are awesome!

Jesus not to fucking gush or anything but I'm a BIG FAT new fan of this series and I seriously hope you keep it going or make a DVD at some point.

Good job mon.


hahaha i like this series a whole bunch
i wish u could make it even faster but i know how hard it is 2 make flash this good

http://ihatekaty.com/?id=410126#6dzz5 z54fsdq7ez78z8d

I've stayed tuned for 2 years. Give us more!!