Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

Always a pleasure

I love how Virgil and Schmorey's personalities develop more and more with each episode.

After 'stay tooned' comes up, it seems you have an audio voice clip running on repeat after that. Maybe you can make it into an easter egg? ;]

still, kew

to damn short....but funny as hell


i lovee this series but i hate the waiting!!! i understand they take time but its hard to wait to see what happens. great job on this one as well. friggin' awesome.

My name :O

LOL ITS GOT MY NAME INIT I'LL GIVE IT A 10/10 AND 5/5 :) and my name is corey not rory :)

I knew it!

The artifact is Corey's Shoes! I knew it since episode 2!