Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"


i thought that was a female the whole time. i'm sorry lol maybe i was slow on it but when i heard mister in the cave i was like.. oh that's a male? ugh, i think the features of a male dont stand out on the character. the flash is great though, i enjoyed it very much.

Good, but poor voice acting...

The animation was really impressive, but the voices were poor in sound quality as well as annoyingly shrill, which seems to be out of place in this piece. Other than that, it was good. I've always enjoyed reading Dante's Divine Comedy, so keep them coming.

like it !

the backgrounds are awsome! hope u make more!

Wonderful Character design!

What a great style! I love this! I'm a little annoyed by the voicing, but there have been much worse.

it has potential

I only give it 9 stars because the artwork is the coolest flash I've ever seen, it's not really funny, and I don't very much like the nasally voices, but on a good note, with some minor adjustments, I think this could easily be the best flash show on the entire internet!