Reviews for "CoreyStuckInPurgatoryVIII"

It does possess a severe degree of awesomeness

Perhaps Plutus was trying to distract him with possessions. Why he wants the lightbulb... Maybe it's shinier?? I did notice that nothing else shined as great as it. Oh, and there were some swords lying around, maybe they could use those to their advantage if Plutus comes back angry?

Very well done

I enjoyed it thoroughly. So are you a fan of Mousorgski? I notice you use a lot of his music.

Fuck Yeah!


doesn't get old

No matter how much i watch this, the experience is still the same; surprise and light humor. 4/5 8/10


his name is hades and it not phlygases the ferryman its cheron the ferryman

dnzTV responds:

no its not. cheron the ferryman is in another circle. plus he's in episode III and IV.