Reviews for "Stick Dudes!"


How the hell did you manage to almost kill 3 memes at one time?!

Dexter3000 responds:



Animation on near of low and medium skills but it's not making movie bad - for your age - it's a normal. If you will be trying more and more at the flash then soon yu will be not bad animator. Good luck! ^_^

Bad animation...

I admit that the idea could have been cool but the animation was really bad. Good for your first flash though, there's room for improvement.

Dexter3000 responds:

Thank you.i much prefer writing comics.


it was good for a first animation, but you should work some more on the actual animation. I liked it, but it could be better. try again, dont give up :)

Dexter3000 responds:

Thanks.incase you were wondering,i spent a week making this.it could have been done sooner,but i was quite busy at the time.still though,im going to spend more time on my next animation.thankyou for reviewing it!


Great job on your first animation , I enjoyed it , keep it up!