Reviews for "Stick Dudes!"

Needs more work

The overall feeling I had when the flash ended up was that you could have spent more time on it, maybe making it shorter in order to focus on the details.

The animation wasn't horrible and decent for a beginner at flash, I couldn't do better myself. Though work on the smoothness of it, try to make fluid since those lines moving were quite rough. I noticed the movements were really fast and the scenes really short, I advise you to make the actions slower and the scenes longer, it will be less painful for our eyes ;).

I didn't like the drawings to be honest, they were to childish for my taste. Spend more time on the details of the drawing, especially for the backgrounds of the scenes, try to use thinner lines also. Though I keep in mind you are twelve and that you do a better job than what I could do, so I can't criticise to much.

I tried to find any plot in your flash but I didn't find any, it was just a fight and we don't know why these guys are fighting, I just recognized some famous characters but it doesn't really count as a proper plot. As for the audio, you did a good choice and the sound quality was quite close from the original track, so good job.

Overall, keep practising, you are on the right way.

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(title in work)

Not too bad, but also, not that good in a way either. I have to say it made me laugh, though it could have been much better made. The animations were all a bit too slow and deliberate. Things need to flow a little better and at a normal speed. When you are doing FBF animations, watch out for left behind fragments of things you tried to erase. I saw that a few times in this, and it's just a bit distracting.

Using so many 4chan memes, etc in this was kind of lame. You should come up with your own character and attack ideas rather than having stuff like Weegee getting lazerd.

I do think you picked the right music for this. Very chaotic music for a very chaotic movie.

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Keep working

Although you're very new to Flash, I saw potential with this work. Randomness works extremely well if you know how to pull it off, and while it isn't the best, I thought this was ok made by someone new to flash.

I saw effort overall being put into this flash, although it is a bit sloppy. Like others have suggested, I recommend viewing some of the excellent tutorials on this website and building from there.

Don't let the score of the criticism of this flash discourage you, use it to improve and keep working at it. You WILL improve your skills substantially if you put the time and effort into it. I found the coloring to be average, after all you were going for randomness and not necessarily good looks, but it helps if you sharpen the edges around some objects and characters.

That's it from me, overall it was an ok flash for someone just getting into it. I look forward to watching more flashes from you.

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Needs Work

To put it bluntly, this needs a lot of work. Though I'm not too much of a flash artist, I would suggest breaking this down into smaller parts and focusing on building your skills in animation before trying to take on a full-fledged project, such as this. Maybe checkout some tutorials here on Newgrounds, or elsewhere to gain more knowledge.
Also, taking the time to add more color/shading would make this much more interesting visually.
I would recommend the same in the animation department. Study flash and try to make your animations smoother and less fragmented.

Though the quality left something to be desired, I can appreciate the random humor that (I think) you were going for here. I honestly will say that I chuckled a little. :P
The song you chose was really "off-the-wall" and fit the crazy, chaotic feel of this flash very well. You seem to have set the atmosphere for this pretty well, IMO, now just get the artistic quality to match!

Overall, though not the greatest, it does look like you actually sat down and tried here. That earns respect in my book. If you're serious about animation, I would sit down and study and practice and like anything else, you will slowly get better.
I hope to see more efforts from you in the future. :)

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Dexter3000 responds:

so far, i'd say your review has been the most helpful to me.since i made this,i have improved alot with my art skills.my flash trial ran out unfortuanatly,but someday i'd like to give flash another try.(i've had people say my comics are superior to this.)but anyway,thanks for the review.=)

Hmm, lets see here.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Seems very sloppy, something that we might expect from someone that has just started out in flash. If you want to do some things to make it just seem a bit more neat and not so sloppy then you could use the line tools or circle tool for the head.

Personally I've only drawn sticks in flash a couple of time and it can be down alright if you take your time, zoom in a bit instead of being farther away, and in my personal opinion using the smallest size to draw with that you can.

Colors used weren't that bad themselves. Things like backgrounds and characters need to have more time taken on them when they are created. Take an entire day to draw out the backgrounds and another day for the characters and save them in your library. The more time and detail that you put into them probably the better. Make sure to save often.

Sometimes the speed of the submission seemed a bit off. Such as the bullet going and the person hitting it away and the blood dripping, etc.. Those scenes were a bit slow while the rest of the flash after that seemed to pick up a little bit, but maybe even too much.

~ Story/Content ~

I first recommend adding a preloader to the submission. For people who have slower computers this will just turn up as a white screen and they might not think that there is a flash submission there at all. Then the movie will play like usual. People that might have dial up will have to let the movie stream and that can be rather annoying.

Looks like it was a quick little test. Before adding a plot or storyline to your submission I recommend working on the animation as much as you can. The quality of your graphics will really add to the content of the submission.

During the movie itself there were a couple of things that I noticed. Such as the scene where the face was shown there wasn't really a head or anything. Just seemed like a very rushed scene all around. The scene where the line or bullet was hit away by the one guy in the beginning of the movie didn't make much sense. I really didn't know what he was kicking and if it was suppose to be a bullet then you can't really hit it out of the way with a limb as you made your characters "normal" people throughout the rest of the movie.

I don't know if I recommend adding the sprite Luigi here. Sometimes it may work, but I just don't know about this time around. My biggest argument about him was the lack of animation that was involved with him I guess.

~ Audio ~

You didn't have much flash so I'm thinking that the music perhaps needs to be optimized? I can't believe what you had took up an entire MB. Seems to me like it should be something around 500 kb or so, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, here is a link that can teach you had to optimize your audio if you hadn't. (Make sure to remember to take out any spaces that newgrounds puts in links)


The song that you picked was alright. Decent choice all around for a quick fight like you had. Don't forget to check out the audio portal here on newgrounds for some kick ass fight music. I recommend checking out the heavy metal genre for that personally.

~ Overall ~

I see that your a beginner and I always like to encourage beginners to keep up the hard work. Don't ever get discouraged by low reviews and take the tips of quality reviews because it will really help make your submissions better.

Decent job for your first time as we shouldn't expect masterpieces, but you still have a long way to go before I would consider it "good". Keep working for it though.

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