Reviews for "Stick Dudes!"


I think if you practice you could make some great flashes.

Dexter3000 responds:

Ecks Dee

Not good

Yeah, it may have been your first flash, but it's still pretty terrible, what with the rubbish supposed jokes and jerky, slow animation. It's below the grade in which something is worth watching and I don't think much effort went into this.

Hence, it wasn't wise to upload. No effort = bad flash. It's just spam in the end.

Dexter3000 responds:

So you gave me a review this time,bub?

i DID put effort into this,even if you didn't think so.

Not very smooth

This didn't make any sense to me at all... Firstly, I know it's stickmen's jobs to randomly kill things but there's normally some kind of story behind every single flash, even the trippy random one's have some metaphorical meaning.

It could have done with alot for frames, I know it seems like you've already got loads, 40 frames per second is pretty good. The colouring was very flat and could have done with shading on the character.

I like the music but it really didn't fit into the style of what the flash was. I'm not really what would suit it.

Next time add more frames, sound effects, shading and some story

-Review Request Club-

Not that good

The flash is not that good. It's poorly drawn and not very funny. The animations look pretty sloppy and you have serious problems with the pace of the flash.
On the one hand it moves awfully slow, for example right in the beginning where he deflects the bullet (or at least I think that's what he does) and at other times an image only appears very shortly so that I don't even have the time to make out what's shown there.

The song was pretty nice, but it didn't go along that well with the flash.

I think you should at first try to improve your drawing skills and then you should try to get more used to flash, so that your animations look better.
Because I guess learning flash is pretty easy compared to learning how to draw. If the drawing already fails you have no chance to create a good flash, because what's the point in having a smooth running flash when the art sucks?

{ Review Request Club }

Not nice :(

Art/Animation: 1/10
Ugh. Firstly, you have to use more smoothing. I dunno what you were using, but try somewhere between 40 and 60, it'll majorly inprove your art. The animation was bad. It was jerky at times, and often things went too slow (for example when the blood fell from his face..). Using premade images (like Weegee, or whatever he's called) is rarely advisable too.

Plot/Concept: 0/10
There was no plot or concept, it was just a random fight, which is never entertaining. \

Audio/Music: 4/10
It didn't go with the animation in any major way, but it was still alright. However, not enough to redeem this movie.

Overall: 1/10
Try to improve. A lot. That said, I feel that you can improve. You have the basics there, just work on your art, look at some tutorials, and you could be great.

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