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Reviews for "PickPair"

2nd stage is broken

its an alright game, but one of the burrows on the 2nd stage doesnt respond, so you cant play more than 30 secs

plays well but seems to have a bug

In level 2, the burrow in the back on the right is not clickable. Bug?!?

Aside from this, the game plays very well, I'm really sorry I'm not able to play beyond level 2. Keep it up!!

hmmm exept for one,

i cand rate this ell, you cannot get past lv 2 cause one mole hill isnt clickable

cool matching game

concept and graphics are better than most match games I've seen but you have a fatal flaw in your second level which makes one of the burrows unclickable, and therefore you can't progress past that level, you may want to fix it quickly, because if a game slips through the portal with a low judgement the chances of it gaining a high score and getting a decent number of views become very low.


Well sometimes I clicked the hole and nothing happened
and this happen several times