Reviews for "Nando's Girl"

I almost thought Johnny Depp went gonzo and jacked your account! A perfect likeness of Thompson's writing style... I almost thought it was a direct quote!
Like a fine, forgotten Scotch, your range of style has improved and expanded -well done. Pretty damn clean read. All one take? I would try and do it all in one, cause I hate editing. Gotta own every word...

RicePirate responds:

mmmmmm scotch........

The writing and style of delivery really sold this surreal piece. Haven't really heard you do this sort of thing before: very well done.

I fucking love this! Im hoping i can get a chance to try animating this! (Mosly for practice) Its like something straight out of "fear and loathing in las vegas". The voice acting and the writing are great and with the backing track it perfectly paints an image of whats going on. Very very cool. I can dig it.

Great voice

Wow so some more great voices here and really great for some "STORY-TELLING" you can actually make a whole animated story with this track alone.

You could have "GAPS" inbetween voice takes, just an idea.


Wow! This is a hands down radio theater quality feast for my ears(Y)